Heavensward Main Quests – Final Fantasy XIV Guide


Heavensward Main Quests – Final Fantasy XIV Guide

Below is a list of all the Main Scenario quests involving Heavensward. Of course, in order to do them you must have the expansion and have finished the FFXIV:

FFXIV Heavensward Main Scenario Cutscenes

Patch 3.0 Cutscenes. Enjoy! I will be doing all Cutscenes for all the patches. Stay Tuned and hit that Subscribe button.

Full Heavensward Cutscenes Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLT2YERXXYK12aZg6N8U4PLhhCOmPm-N9w

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FFXIV Heavensward: Patch 3.3 Anima Quest Guide (Ilvl 240 Upgrade)


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Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward – Full Expansion (No Commentary)

A full no commentary playthrough of the Heavensward Expansion for Final Fantasy XIV
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00:00:00 Prologue
00:04:15 Coming to Ishgard
00:17:57 Taking in the Sights
00:27:56 The Better Half
00:40:59 Over the Wall
00:48:09 Work in Progress
00:54:24 The First and Foremost
00:58:56 From on High
01:02:56 Reconnaissance Lost
01:09:52 At the End of Our Hope
01:23:04 Knights Be Not Proud
01:30:00 Onwards and Upwards
01:38:43 An Indispensable Ally
01:40:45 Meeting the Neighbors
01:48:20 Sense of Urgency
01:53:42 Hope Springs Eternal
01:59:52 A Series of Unfortunate Events
02:13:55 A Reward Long in Coming
02:20:51 Divine Intervention
02:37:15 Disclosure
02:49:49 The Paladin Who Cried Wolf
03:00:57 Big Sollerets to Fill
03:17:52 Flame General Affairs
03:30:02 In Search of Raubahn
03:32:41 Keeping the Flame Alive
04:01:08 To Siege or Not to Siege
04:05:50 Alphinaud’s Way
04:15:56 In Search of Iceheart
04:28:08 From One Heretic to Another
04:30:59 Sounding Out the Amphitheatre
04:46:13 Camp of the Convictors
04:49:32 Purple Flame, Purple Flame
05:02:58 Where the Chocobos Roam
05:09:33 Worse than Dragons
05:17:55 The Trine Towers
05:28:58 Hey Soul Crystal
05:45:27 Gifts for the Outcasts
05:53:07 The Nonmind
05:57:25 A Gnathic Deity
06:05:17 Breaking into Hives
06:11:38 Lord of the Hive
06:36:41 Mourn in Passing
07:08:12 Beyond the Clouds
07:12:17 Mountaintop Diplomacy
07:27:34 Moghan’s Trial
07:32:51 Mogmug’s Trial
07:36:14 Mogwin’s Trial
07:44:35 Moglin’s Judgment
07:50:44 Leaving Moghome
07:53:36 The Road to Zenith
07:58:26 Waiting for the Wind to Change
08:08:18 Heart of Ice
08:24:25 The Wyrm’s Lair
08:34:45 New Winds, Old Friends
08:44:00 A General Summons
09:03:12 Awakening in Ul’dah
09:11:55 A Brave Resolution
09:16:38 Ready to Fly
09:25:21 Into the Aery
10:03:24 The Song Begins
10:14:14 Unrest in Ishgard
10:23:53 He Who Would Not Be Denied
10:34:53 Ill-weather Friends
10:40:04 The Spice of Life
10:44:05 Noble Indiscretions
10:47:25 A Child Apart
10:50:08 Bloodlines
10:53:01 Fire and Blood
11:09:27 All According to Plan
11:23:25 This Little Sword of Mine
11:47:24 A Knight’s Calling
12:20:07 The Sins of Antiquity
12:32:46 In Search of the Soleil
12:36:24 Into the Blue
12:39:35 Familiar Faces
12:45:03 Devourer of Worlds
12:51:17 Black and the White
12:56:34 Bolt, Chain, and Island
13:16:25 A Difference of Opinion
13:25:18 One Good Turn
13:32:10 An Engineering Enterprise
13:38:28 Aetherial Trail
13:47:08 Lost in the Lifestream
13:58:14 Tataru’s Surprise
14:08:32 Onward to Sharlayan
14:11:37 A Great New Nation
14:24:41 Golems Begone
14:28:44 An Illuminati Incident
14:39:04 Leaving Idyllshire
14:42:20 Matoya’s Cave
14:52:15 Forbidden Knowledge
15:21:37 An Eye for Aether
15:30:59 Hour of Departure
15:38:31 The First Flight of the Excelsior
15:56:47 Systematic Exploration
16:05:12 In Node We Trust
16:09:47 Chimerical Maintenance
16:21:52 Close Encounters of the VIth Kind
16:37:55 Fetters of Lament
16:49:25 Heavensward
17:47:24 Credits
18:13:45 Epilogue

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Release Date: June 23, 2015
Developer: Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward is the first expansion pack to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed and published by Square Enix for Microsoft Windows, Apple’s macOS, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. It was released on June 23, 2015, nearly two years after the debut of A Realm Reborn. Naoki Yoshida served as director and producer and Nobuo Uematsu, who had not worked on the title since the ill-fated 2010 launch of the original Final Fantasy XIV, returned to collaborate with Masayoshi Soken on the soundtrack. The expansion pack was released as a standalone product for current players, as well as an “all-in-one” bundle containing A Realm Reborn and Heavensward. The latter was the only way to access the macOS version of the game, which premiered on the same day as the expansion pack’s launch.

Heavensward focuses on a millennium-long conflict known as the Dragonsong War between the Holy See of Ishgard and the dragon horde of Dravania. Players seek asylum in Ishgard after being falsely accused of murder and become involved in efforts to end the war. These actions uncover an ancient conspiracy concerning the origins of the war. In addition to the new areas, the expansion pack increases the level cap, adds three new character classes and a new playable race, and introduces flying gameplay through the use of airships and other airborne mounts.

Heavensward performed well critically and earned nominations for “Expansion of the Year”. In July 2015, Square Enix announced that the title had reached a cumulative total of five million subscriptions. However, the company suspended sales of the macOS version of the client that same month due to numerous reports of poor technical performance and offered refunds to those who purchased it. macOS sales resumed in February 2016.

Heavensward Main Quests – Final Fantasy XIV Guide Below is a list of all the Main Scenario quests involving Heavensward. Of course, in order to do them you must have the expansion and have finished the FFXIV: FFXIV Heavensward Main Scenario Cutscenes Patch 3.0 Cutscenes. Enjoy! I will be doing all Cutscenes for all the…